the four step career consulting process

Step 1: Online Assessment

Dr. Costelloe and his staff administer several hand selected and validated online assessment instruments. The information gathered from these instruments enables Dr. Costelloe and his staff to clearly pinpoint the specific careers that correlate most highly with a student interest, personality, behavioral style, and internal motivational forces.  

Step 2: Initial Feedback Meeting

Dr. Costelloe and his staff conduct a feedback meeting in which the results of the assessment  instruments are presented to the student and his or her parents. Dr. Costelloe is an expert in analyzing the results of these assessment instruments. He is also highly experienced in presenting them to students in a manner that is both meaningful and understandable.


STEP 3: feedback REPORT

A feedback report containing the results of the assessment instruments is provided to the student and parents for further review and as a permanent document. The typical length of this thorough report exceeds 50 pages of important data.

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Step 4: Final Feedback Meeting

 A final feedback meeting is conducted with the client and parents after the student and parents have had time to study and thoroughly review the results of the report. Dr. Costelloe and his staff will work with the student and parents to develop a strategic game plan and create follow-up action steps for implementation by the student.